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Argentina legend blames Lionel Messi for team’s dismal form

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Copa America 2019

Argentina football legend Mario Kempes has advised Lionel Messi to take a break from the national team, indirectly blaming him for team’s dismal form in the ongoing Copa America 2019.

Argentina haven’t had the best of starts in the continental tournament, losing 2-0 to Colombia and managing only a point against Paraguay where a Messi penalty gave them a point. All their hopes lie on the final group stage match against Qatar, where they need a heavy win to progress to the knockouts.

Kempes believes that the team lacks personality with the Barcelona talisman in the XI as everyone wants to pass to Messi. According to him, the team might benefit if Messi is rested and other players are allowed to express themselves.

“As things stand I think that giving Messi a break would not be a bad thing. Or maybe he should take a decision to have a rest. The players feel the need to give him (Messi) the ball. There is a lack of personality.

“What would happen if you take Messi out of this team? Why don’t we (rest him) and try to form a team without Messi? That might allow some other players, who are very good for their clubs, bloom for the national team,” Kempes said in an interview with TyC Sports.

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