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Rules & Regulations
By Registering An Account With L7 Gaming,
You Agree To Be Bound By The Rules & Regulations To Our Gaming Products.


  1. Minimum age requirement to use our products is 18 years of age. We reserve the right to ask from players any form of documentation to prove his/her age and suspend the said account until documentation is provided.

  2. Members are allowed to register with ONE account with ONE name, ONE email address, ONE IP address, ONE home address, ONE bank account, ONE computer. Once L7 GAMING discovers abnormal betting behavior, L7 GAMING will retain the right to freeze your account along with profit and balance.

  3. All DEPOSIT without claim any promotion & REBATE needed reached x1 times rollover before request any funds withdraw.

  4. The bank account holder name and the registered L7 Gaming account name must be identical to ensure successful deposit & withdrawal of funds.

  5. Any form of transaction/wager carried out is solely the player’s responsibility. It is the player’s own responsibility to ensure that their account details are compromised. If the player suspect such is the case, he/she should inform us immediately for a password reset.

  6. Once bet/wagers are confirmed, it can neither be cancelled nor changed.

  7. Maximum payout for Mix Parlay Bets in our Sports products is MYR 10,000

  8. The minimum deposit for players is RM50.00, The minimum withdrawal amount is RM50. Maximum withdrawal is RM30k 1 (Once) transaction per day.

  9. L7 GAMING bet reserves the right to void any bets if it is evident that such bets are found to be an attempt to defraud L7 GAMING. Accounts found to be doing so will be suspended.

  10. In the event of a random security check, players accept L7 GAMING’s demand for any documentation as proof of identity. This is to protect player’s account and funds from any form of identity theft.

  11. L7 GAMING will not be held responsible in the event that any transaction was declined by a financial institution due to incorrect personal details provided by the player. Please inform us if there is anything wrong with your personal details.

  12. L7 GAMING does not allow creation of multiple accounts. Any player found to be doing so by manipulating personal details will result in a termination of account. All accumulated winnings will also be revoked.

  13. Before any approval of withdrawal request, L7 GAMING reserves the right to request from players any form of documentation for proof of identity. Failure to provide with said documentation might result in revocation of winnings and account suspension. Documentation includes but is not limited to identity card, driving license, bank statement and passport.



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+65 8901 8334

+6017-881 4983







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